Starla Hamilton

    My name is Starla Hamilton. I was born and raised in the Texas Panhandle and graduated from WTAMU with a BSN in nursing in 1998. After being told we would never have children, I received an amazing miracle in 2004, my son Skyler. When he was born I wanted to record every moment of his life so I took up photography. My mother, who also enjoys photography, gave me my first digital camera. My love of photography quickly grew into a passion as I started to "see" the world differently. I began to read and study anything I could get my hands on that was related to photography. My favorite things to shoot are landscapes, macro abstract art although I don't limit myself to these. If I see something interesting I shoot it, regardless of what it is. I now work part-time as a nurse so I can devote more time to my son and my love for photography. I hope you enjoy my gallery! I have a facebook page as well if you would like to follow my work:
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